Cheap Beer! Need We Say More?

Can you think of two sweeter words than “cheap beer”? Neither can we.

At The Beer Factory, we believe that good beer doesn’t have to cost the earth. That’s why we offer 21st century beers at 20th century prices.

At the Brewery Bar, it’s always happy hour. We pour a constantly changing selection of tap beers, but the prices remain that same. How’s $5 pots, $7 schooners, $9 pints or $25 Jugs of freshly brewed beer sound?

Try our brew masters’ latest creations, get a little inspiration for your next brew and enjoy a cold one at the best prices in town.

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Hands-On Brewing Experience

Hands-On Brewing Experience

Want to brew your own beer? Become the brew master for a day and learn how to brew your very own craft beer. The Beer Factory offers one of the best beer brewing experiences in Melbourne.

In this hands-on experience, you’ll learn about all aspects of beer brewing while making your own premium micro-brew. You’ll be actively involved in the whole brewing process, from choosing the recipe and selecting and mixing the ingredients to the bottling and eventual drinking (the best part!).

We also offer gift vouchers for our Melbourne brewery. Available for any dollar amount, they are the perfect gift for your favourite beer lover.

Contract Brewing

If you have a pub, bar or club, we provide specialist contract brewing services, enabling you to brew your own keg beers. Choose from one of our 100+ recipes or we can customise any recipe to your unique style. Plus you will have full control over the naming and promotion of 'your own' brew.

Our small-batch brewing process will ensure our premium beers will be extremely cost-effective and better tasting than the generic beers from the big multinational suppliers. We can also provide keg hire, kegerators and CO2 refills for your brew.

Contract Brewing

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Whether you’re looking for contract brewing services, the ultimate brew-your-own-beer experience or the best happy hour beer deal in Melbourne, get on down to The Beer Factory.

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