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At The Beer Factory, we are one of the few places in Melbourne to offer keg hire and swap-and-go services. We offer party keg hire, homebrew keg hire and keg swapping for kegs in a range of sizes.

We can hire, swap or fill 10L, 19L or 50L kegs. Plus, with our KegSwap® service we always have a core range of draught and lager beers available plus a seasonal selection of IPAs.

We can even brew up your own batch of beer and put it into kegs for you to enjoy yourself or for a special event. Prices start from $50 for 10 Litres, $85 for 19 Litres and $210 for 50 litres.

Keg Swap
Contract Brewing

Contract Brewing

If you have a pub, bar or club we can work with you to brew up your own keg beer. Choose from one of our 100+ recipes or we can create or customise any recipe to your unique style. Plus you will have full control over the naming and promotion of your brew.

Our small batch brewing process will ensure our premium beers will be extremely cost competitive and better tasting than the generic cheap beers from the major suppliers.

We also offer brewing experience gift vouchers for our Melbourne brewery. Available for any dollar amount, they are the perfect gift for your favourite beer lover.

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For the best beer brewery experience in Melbourne, get on down to The Beer Factory. Whether you’re looking for contract brewing, kegerators, brewing accessories or equipment or a hands-on brewing experience, we have it all and more.

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